Branded Career Site

Is your career page an extension of your brand, or someone else’s?

Target your advertisements to candidates who already recognize you as a great employer, and draw in brand new job seekers who can learn about your values and culture on your very own company website.

Your Hospitality Online custom-built Career Site is a personal job board hosted on your domain and blending seamlessly with your website. Since Hospitality Online powers the site, you won’t have to worry about a thing. Profile information is synced and jobs that you post appear instantly on your Career Site.

A Branded Career Site provides a straightforward experience for your candidates, who can find and apply for your jobs in one place while maintaining your brand’s impression. It centers your company brand during the entire process and showcases your jobs on their own, without the competition. And our excellent search engine optimization will boost your Career Site’s pages, bringing brand new job seekers to your job board and your website.