Easily onboard new hires with a paperless hiring process.

Decided on the right candidate? Seamlessly transition them from interviewee to employee, integrating with your payroll software for an end-to-end paperless experience. Use customizable workflows and integrate any of the following features based on your company needs. 

Advanced Applicant Tracking Features 

Job Template Optimization. Customize job templates to include key information for your payroll software, creating consistency, ease for hiring managers, and accurate payroll information.

Job Posting ApprovalsRequire approval before job advertisements go live. 

Job Assignments. Assign different access levels for users on a per-job basis. 


Hiring Approvals. Require final approval of offer details before hiring new employees.

Offer Letters. Keep it paperless. Generate electronic offer letters from templates and send them to new employees

Background Check. We integrate with the background check provider of your choice. View candidate stages within your Hospitality Online dashboard.

Tracker Integration. I-9 verification through Tracker is linked through your Hospitality Online dashboard.


Onboarding Documents. Customize a library of documents for a new employee’s first day or integrate them into the workflow so they can be done ahead of time.

Tax Forms. Library of federal and local tax forms is provided. Forms are filled out and stored electronically. 

Password-less Employee Portal. To reduce confusion and friction, new employees access their onboarding portal via a simple link. In their onboarding portal, employees can fill out personal information and tax forms in advance so they are ready to hit the ground running on the first day. 

HRIS integration. Significantly reduce your data entry needs by letting us export your new employee data to your payroll.