Behavioral Assessments

Assess, Select, and Develop Your Next Top Performer

Hospitality Score is a screening and selection management platform targeted to the unique roles and challenges you face as an industry professional.

How it Works

We deliver a suite of intelligent tools and an unparalleled analysis of personality, strengths, motivations, and skill—enabling you to identify your next top performer. We drive guest satisfaction, operational efficiency, and continuous quality improvement.

  1. In under 10 minutes, you are able to identify the qualifications, background, and behavioral strengths most important to your team and your guests.
  2. The unique Hospitality Score of each of your candidates is delivered within seconds, putting those most likely to succeed, at the top of the list.
  3. Our tools help guide each step of the process, whether choosing whom to talk to, how to ask the right questions, or how to get the very best from each hire.
  4. As we leverage big data and machine learning, we work to replicate your best results—increasing organizational insight and driving ongoing improvement.